Japanese Furniture Shidamingei Tansu


Shizuoka Prefecture is located in central Japan, Nestled between the Pacific      Ocean and world renowned Mount Fuji.
      The region is graced with abundant and diverse natural beauty, and mild weather throughout the year. Lord Ieyasu Tokugawa built the first Sunpu(Shizuoka) Shogun castle in the year 1586 that served as his personal residence. He spent two thirds of 75 years in Shizuoka. The regions wood working industry is highly reputed to have originated from the skilled craftsmen who took up permanent residence after completion of the castle for the Shogun.
      Traditional techniques perfected over years of experience have been passed      on through the generations.
      Shidamingei furniture are mainly manufactured from Nara(Japanese Oak),      Kashi(Oak) and Tamo (Ash) and beautifully finished in oil. Because of it’s      high quality, Shidamingei furniture can be passed on for many generations      to come.
      The clasp’s of the furniture are reproduction of Edo period to early Meiji period. Shidamingei furniture is still made today in the traditional ways of the early craftsmen by Aoshima Co., LTD in Shizuoka,Japan.
      The Aoshima Company has been awarded gold medals in the Shizuoka furniture trade show. Recognition by the Japanese Ministry of Trade and Industry for his unsurpassed quality and craftsmanship.


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